In the style of awesome-uses, but not quite as awesome. Generally, I try to choose things that will last and are also pleasant to use rather than replacing things constantly.

At Work


On The Move


Around The House

In The Clouds

  • Calendar/Contacts Server: Radicale; I swore off Google for a bit, and this replaced all the calendaring functionality on all my devices (DAVx5 on android)
  • DNS Server: Knot, for its ease of configuration and templating features
  • File Synchronisation: Seafile, because I fell out with ownCloud
  • Mail Server: A fairly typical frankenstein’s monster of components; dovecot, postfix, postgrey, spamassassin, backups to S3
  • RSS Reader: Miniflux

In The Toolbox

A sea of Duratool and Silverline rubbish actually totally servicable tools notwithstanding.